Reconciliation is a beautiful thing. It is the core of who God is. From Genesis to Revelation, God’s heart for reconciliation is revealed. Christ left His place in heaven,  humbled Himself to the point of giving up His own life, unto a horrible death, for the sole purpose of man being reconciled back to His Father, while offering the vehicle to reconcile humanity with each other: Himself.

Though our spirits are dead, it is in Christ and all that He is, that we are made alive in Him. We are brought near to God. In Christ, we find our peace. In Christ we have access to His Spirit to overcome anything and everything that this world throws at us. Yes, everything. Peace can be found in any circumstance in Him. That’s the power! That’s Him! In Him, we become fellow citizens with all the saints all over this beautiful planet. (Eph. 2) We are reconciled, but just as we have to receive the gift of our salvation, we also have to take hold of the reconciliation.

The picture posted above is not just a picture of two friends. It is a testimony. A testimony of God’s work, His faithfulness, forgiveness and of His restoration. Five years ago, those two men could not stand in the same room together. There was a division in the body of Christ, a falling out and eventually a church community, broke up.  A perfect storm is described as, “a particularly bad or critical state of affairs, arising from a number of negative and unpredictable factors.” The storm was brewing, many missed the signs and the enemy seized the opportunity to divide and conquer.

But God! If we are humbled before the Lord, if we are willing to submit our emotions, our pain, our hurts unto God, He has this beautiful way of providing opportunity for healing and reconciliation. God in His amazing wisdom, has the ability to take something that humans have completely trashed, and turn it into a treasure, a vehicle to restore not only those involved, but also those who hear the story. I’m not going into details because who wants to re-live that! What I will say is this,  our Abba Father, according to His perfect timing and through His loving grace, uses  our scars to tell His beautiful story of forgiveness.

As I was working on completing my ordination, I was prompted to reach out to my former Pastor and friend, Eldon. (Picture with me above after 5 years) We were able to reconnect. We both dropped our guard, let Christ in, and His healing took place.  In fact, Eldon was one who eventually participated in validating my character, my gifting’s and my call from God. He is the signer of my ordination certificate that will forever hang on my wall as a reminder of God’s amazing grace, faithfulness and forgiveness unto me.

There is freedom in reconciliation. Life is restored. New life blooms. Healing happens. God is glorified.  That is my path, to strive to do my best to glorify Him, to offer hope and to bring healing. I am not a complete man by any means. I have made many mistakes and will most likely continue to make mistakes, until He comes to get me. But, like Nehemiah,  I am taking my spear in one hand and the trowel in the other and, just for today, I will do my best to rebuild that which was broken and fight for souls of the kingdom heaven.

Don’t let life sucking bitterness, hurt, or your own pride keep you from experiencing God’s amazing peace one more day. Sit before Him. Unload on Him. Let His forgiveness wash over you. Soak in Him. Let His love break open your calloused heart. Let His Spirit overwhelm you, empower you to begin taking those scary steps towards reconciliation. Rest in Him. If He moves your heart to take action, trust Him. Don’t worry about what you can’t control. Faith rests in trusting in His ability to take care of everything else. Be Reconciled.

Peace friends.


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