<p><em>Rising over 1,500 feet above the desert floor stands the magnificent Shiprock.  Shiprock is the most famous landmark in the Four Corners Region of New Mexico.  Located on the Navajo Nation, Shiprock plays a significant role in Navajo religion and mythology.  Locally known as "Tsé Bitʼaʼí" (rock with wings), the rock is mentioned in many Navajo legends. The amazing beauty of this place has brought many film and television productions out to New Mexico to use Shiprock as their backdrop. </em></p> <p><em><br /></em></p> <p><em>| Exclusive Limited Edition of Two Hundred and Fifty |</em></p>
res·o·lute  ˈrezəˌlo͞ot: determined, purposeful, adamant, single-minded

God’s redemption plan for your soul was not random. Jesus revealed Himself to mankind as a little baby, and that was no accident. His life of service, love and passion was purposeful. His mission was to give Himself away for you and for me. He was intentional about our redemption. Hopefully over the last couple of weeks between the parties, the gift wrap and doing your best with not being annoyed with just about everyone who got in your way while shopping, you were able to take some time to celebrate Him.

We are closer than ever to seeing His promised return. It’s going to happen. So, what do you want to be found doing?  We’re into the first week of 2016 and many of us have already broken those New Years’ resolutions! Listen, I’m all about making an effort to rid myself of bad habits, trying to be more disciplined in certain areas of my life. But I’m believing that 2016 has so much more to bring to us than simply dropping a few pounds of fat, getting out of debt, quitting smoking and maybe volunteering time somewhere. (Those being some of the most common and quickly broken resolutions!)  Look, if your overweight, then yes, do your best to drop a few pounds. If you’re spending money recklessly, then get it under control man! But understand that He has even more for you! And if you’ve already compromised that goal, start over…right now! Listen, God is calling us, His anointed, gifted and called ones to dig deeper. Ephesians 5 says this: “…see then that you walk carefully, not foolishly, but wisely, redeeming the time that you have, because the days are evil. So be wise, and understand what the will of God is.

By the end of November, we will have a new  President. (Unless Obummer initiates martial law!) ISIS terrorists will continue butchering people all over this planet. Morality will continue to erode and the economy will flail up and down. Maybe you’ll make a few extra bucks this year. Maybe you’ll be able to buy a better car or a bigger TV. (A nice Visio 50″ currently hangs on my wall!) But that can’t be it! 2016 must be about redeeming the time, redeeming those who are right in front of us, and dare I say  real revival? How do we do that ? What has to happen inside of us to break the mold of the mundane? Change your mind! Change your thinking. Change your attitude! Change your heart! Even now you may be thinking, “Man I’ve tried this so many times before.” Well guess what, you have not even began to have exhausted Gods love, patience and especially His power to EMPOWER you to make a mind shift! “I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.” (Eph.4:1)

Get on your knees before Him and ask Him, plead with Him to give you fresh revelation for your life. If you have been redeemed than you have the potential to play a vital role in effecting the kingdom of heaven! Sit with Him. Open your heart and invite Him. Let Him come just a little closer. Give Him just a little bit more than you ever have before. Let Him stretch you! Yes, that is going to take some faith on your part! Duh! Listen to Him. Let Him fill you up. Let Him remind you of His amazing redemption story that is within you.  And let Him lead you to those who are desperate to hear of His love, of His power to heal, and of His hope for their tomorrow. “…God has raised us up with Christ,  seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, so that in our tomorrow’s He might reveal the incomparable riches of His grace and His kindness that He first showed to us in Christ Jesus.” (Eph 2:6) You belong to Him. He’s got you. He’s blessing you. His grace is overtaking you daily! And the cares of the world will grow dim in the light of His presence.

Guess what: in His word, He reveals His will. His word will reshape your heart. His word cleanses your soul. His word changes your mind. His word empowers your spirit. His word gives you hope. His word forgives you of each and every sin you repeated today and the ones you will tomorrow. His word brings peace to the frail mind. His word breaks bondages. His word delivers victory.  His word is your_____.  (Fill in your blank)

2016 must be about His Spirit filling us up over and over and over again, letting Him flow out onto all those around you. Stop settling. Change Your Mind. Chang Your Attitude. Change Your Heart. Change your Actions. Be all about Him. Our redemption draws nigh.

Peace friends.


3 thoughts on “RESOLUTE

  1. You have an amazing God given gift of writing, brother. Keep it up. I love your blog. Maybe we can connect it (if your interested) to our films FB page. People need to read GBT. Mike Norris 972-983-6900


    Liked by 1 person

    • Mr. Norris! Thank you for your encouragement! Feel free to connect it to your film page…hopefully it’s a blessing. Left you a voicemail. Call me anytime. Blessings brother.


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