Spiritual Warfare is real. It started in the beginning, in the garden, (Gen. 3:1) as an all out war against mankind and has continued throughout history. The goal: to infiltrate every person on this planet. Evil presents itself in many forms: greed, lust, desire for power, murder, rape, lying, cheating, stealing, addictions. Satan, aka Lucifer, is the source of all evil and he doesn’t care if your rich or poor, black, brown or white, he is alive and well, he hates you and he wants to destroy you (1 Peter 5:8). He will seek a way to gain access into your life. He will hunt you down looking to expose your weaknesses. He will try to convince you that he is your friend with one arm around your shoulder, while the other one holds a gun to your head Gen. 3:4,5). He will use you for his purposes and he won’t give it a second thought about crushing you and your loved ones as well (Gen. 19:8). He will lie to you (John 8:44). He wants to sift you. He will deceive you into thinking that you are strong, that you can do anything that want to do without any accountability to anyone but yourself (Gen. 3) As soon as you think you’re strong, he will pull the rug out from under you, sneering at you as you fall, stomping on you while you’re down. And you try to get up, he’ll kick you again, telling you that there ain’t no use in tryin’ again because your life is meaningless. He’s a relentless accuser (Zech.3:1) and wont give up until you deny Christ and breathe your last breath, (Matt. 27:5) knowing that you will join him in hell, forever separated from love, joy, peace, hope…God.

If you’re doing life apart from God, then you are susceptible to his puppetry. You may think you’re free to do what you please maybe because of your money, influence, or maybe you’ve learned to manipulate people to get what you want. Or, because of some kind of evil that was done unto you, you have purposed in your heart to be accountable to no one. Please understand friend, you may think you’re free because you don’t follow God. Though you may not be an outright Satan worshipper, his strings are still attached and he will yank them when you’re most vulnerable. You may be thinking, “Yeah, whatever Bob. I’m doin’ just fine without needing any help from your God.” That’s exactly my point. He’s got you right where he wants you. Do not be unwise.

There is another way. Many are doing their best to walk with God in this life, who know that there is hope beyond this world, that God’s amazing love and grace fills their lives everyday. Yet the follower of Christ can also be harassed by the enemy. In fact, Satan generally will attack you harder after you have made some kind of declaration to follow God. Or if you take it a step further and decide to get involved in advancing the Kingdom of Heaven, then you can be certain he will come at you. Hey, if he came after Jesus thinking he had a shot at keeping Him from the cross, don’t think for a minute that he can’t and won’t come after you! (Gen. 3:15, Matt. 2:16, Mark 6:27,28, Luke 4:3-12, John 18, John 19)

So how do you combat such an evil enemy?

1. Understand that you’re in a war. Before you made some conscious effort to start living for God and not yourself, you were not a threat. You belonged to the enemy and you were directed by your own desires. (Josh. 24:15, James 4:4, 1Peter 4:3, Rom. 1) Yet now, as you seek to honor God and do His will over you own, you now battle against your own flesh, the direction and sway of the world, and against the influence of the Enemy. You crossed over to enemy territory when you chose God.

2. You must prepare for war and be ready to battle. If you wouldn’t stand on the front lines in a war without a weapon, or with a weapon that you didn’t know how to use, why would you choose to wake up each day and not prepare your heart and mind for the battle that lies in front of you? The word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword. (Heb. 4:12) Its alive, active and its truth is your weapon against every lie that comes at you every day. Understand where you’re weak, and find your weapon of truth in His word. (Matt. 4, Luke 4)

3. You must learn to recognize the attack and know its source. Most arguments in a marriage boil down to selfishness. Often, one of the two usually won’t budge or forgive, breaking the bondage of anger. I can tell you that 100% of the time, when there is a division in the marriage, its source is from the pit of hell and its main occupant. If Satan can divide the marriage, he can break the family. Break the family and you seriously disrupt Gods will and harm His name. Repeat that process enough times, and it become the norm and God becomes insignificant. Satan is not a respecter of people. He comes after anyone and everyone. He pursues you like a roaring lion. (Job 1:6-8, 1Peter 5:8) When you are about to make a decision to lie, cheat, steal, deceive, do harm to yourself or someone else and you get the feeling in your gut and there’s that ever so slight pause…that’s the moment he whispers in your ear, “its OK…just do it!” Understand, that ain’t God talkin’.

4. Your gonna take some hits. Jesus tells us that the world isn’t going to treat us with kindness. (Luke 10:19, John 16:33, 1 John 2:13) We may get knocked down, but we have a great advocate, and He will lift us up and enable us to overcome anything…yes anything. (1 Cor. 4:8-10, Hebrews 11)

5. Remember who you are. I almost think that this is the most crucial to remember. If you are not walking with God, if He has not taken up residence within your heart, than that door is wide open for Satan to take residence there, or for one of his oppressors. You are so vulnerable to his influence and you have nothing to fight him off with except your worldly knowledge. The evil one has been around a long time, you’re not gonna fool him on your own.

For the follower of Christ, this is truth to stand upon: You are an heir unto God, you have ben chosen by Him. He is your advocate. He is your intercessor. He is your King, the King of all kings. Your life is hidden in Christ. Your weapons are not of this world, but are mighty for pulling down strongholds. You have the promise that He is with you everyday, always, until your last breath…and then you’re ushered into His presence. The words of God, His promises, The truth is sharper than any sword and can pierce down to the bone marrow. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in this world. You overcome everything in Him, through Him, because of Him. You have been made priests and kings in the kingdom of heaven. What He has started in you, He will complete it. You are not alone. You have been sealed with His Spirit and where there is Light, no darkness can dwell. Your soul is safe in him. I can lay out the references for all of these but it is my hope that you will grab a bible and look them up and own them for your soul.

Don’t think that just because things are ok today and that you’ve gotten this far without God on your side, you can make it the rest of the way. Satan is very patient. He will wait an entire human lifetime if that’s what it take to snag you. My father spent nearly twenty years indulging in pornography until it finally broke his family. He lost his marriage, his kids, his career, and eventually was incarcerated. He got a second chance after getting out of prison and created a thriving career in sales, eventually bringing home a six figure income. But for the next twenty-plus years, that old nemesis crept back into his life and with the porn, he brought an intense load of guilt and shame along with him. That unbearable cycle slowly ate away at my fathers soul. Satan’s goal is to get you to give up. He will tempt you, cause you to fall, shame you, and then tempt you again. He wants to lead you to the brink of utter despair and hopelessness. That hopelessness met my father in a lonely hotel room at the age of 62. He laid down on that hotel bed and put a Smith & Wesson revolver to his head and checked himself out.

It may not be porn for you, you may not have an addiction at all. But I guarantee you that evil beckons at your door. You may be doing great today and life may be pretty good for you. I hope it is. But I hope more that you’re enjoying this life walking with the One who loves you deeply, the one who can set you soul and your mind free. I pray that your life is covered by the blood of Jesus. That you are walking in the light of His presence and not wandering in the darkness. Stand firm my friends & remember who you are.



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