kairos moments


I don’t know why we’re surprised. Over the last year we’ve witnessed Washington and our corrupt U.S political system be turned upside down. We’ve discovered that the  media culture is not honest with us about everything, or anything, but that they’ve been exposed for extreme bias, lies and divisiveness. We’ve watched as natural disasters pummel cities all over the US. We’ve stood in amazement as paid protesters took to the streets, while others from those same communities looted their own. We’ve experienced the horrors of insane shooters taking hundreds of innocent lives in our cities. We’ve watched the entertainment industry be peeled open, via the NFL and Hollywood’s predatory executives. Out of one side of our mouth were horrified that women are actually being treated  a certain way by men behind closed doors, yet we as a culture spend billions to be entertained by the same subject matter.  What’s in the hell is next?


That’s what we are seeing: just a little bit of the power of hell infiltrating our hearts and minds, slowly but surely. Our country needs an awakening, and the church needs to speak up and speak truth, and yes, actually live by what we already know to be true. We as the church has spent the last decade in America and abroad trying to figure out how to be relevant to our culture. We now look so much like the culture, that we’ve given those stuck in its grip no reason to want to escape it. You wanna be relevant, apply His truth to your own life and stop waiting for everything and everyone else to change. We know that real hope is found in Jesus. But there is a cost, and there’s the rub. We want God to fit into our world. We want to be accepted just as we are. Yes, we can encourage those hungry to “come as you are“, but be sure to come with a heart that is open to change. Humble yourself, and be lifted up. Lay down your burden, and pick up His grace. Seek forgiveness and be relieved of your guilt. Jesus heals; yes only Jesus heals.

 Kairos Moments

God, by His grace allows things to occur, so we can align our hearts and minds with the bigger picture. The foundations of what we’ve held onto for so many generations are being shaken. That’s a good thing. These events should be getting our attention, by realizing that life is bigger than all of us, and we are not in control of it. These are  “kairos moments, events allowed by God to rattle us and to help us realize how desperate we are for Him, for His grace and His forgiveness, for His love. We, as a broken race will ruin so many more lives, perhaps our own, if we just keep going on telling ourselves, “everything will work itself out”. I believe we may be quickly cresting a tipping point. 1 Peter 4:17,18 says it this way, “For the time has come for judgment, and it must begin with God’s household. and if judgment begins with us, what terrible fate waits for those who do not know Him.”  Oh we will all be judged, so better to judge ourselves now, while we still can.

Work Ahead

I don’t think its going to get better. It’s beginning to unravel. It may pause for a season, but it will most likely get slowly worse. There is hope. The road to healing begins when we can look in the mirror and be honest about what we see. The cover up has to stop. We must be truthful, face the pain head on and make a change. When we recognize that what we really value (entertainment/leisure) is actually a sham, then we will have to make a choice.  If we can be honest with ourselves at that point of realization, then we give room for God to really move. Yet, if we being the church, can’t first take that first glimpse in the mirror, then we certainly can’t expect the world around us to do so. It starts right here, right now, with you and with me. Take a close hard look. What really needs to change within you. Stop. Breathe. Let Him in.

God help us as we choose the next step.



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