Hello friends. My name is Bob Lomas. I am a 55 year-old man doing my best to chase the heart of God. I’m a husband of 33 years to a beautiful and God-fearing woman, a father of four amazing adult children and a grandfather of 5 beauties. I’ve been on this crazy, grace filled journey with God for more than  30 years. I have made my share of mistakes along the way, but because of His presence, I can thankfully say that there has been minimal collateral damage. Obviously there have been challenges. Raising our family, career changes and navigating within His beautiful, and sometimes messy church body is not always easy. But it’s in the journey, and through those struggles as a husband, father and servant, that my faith continues to be shaped, my pride continues to be stripped down, and all of it moving me to press deeper into Him.

I love His word.  His truth keeps me anchored. There is a desire within me to encourage and help equip those who are on their own journey with Him. I love to teach it, to offer counsel. By God’s grace, I recently accomplished a (delayed!) personal goal/calling, if you will, of completing my ordination. Combine all that with a joy for writing, and that has led me  to create this blog. I hope to take some of the things that God is shows me in my journey, in His word, in my prayers and conversations with Him, and pass them along to you.  Maybe you can learn from my victories and even some of my mistakes.

I certainly don’t claim to have some special insight to His heart, nor do I have the corner on any special revelation. I just hope to share some encouragement, some of the struggles and a whole lot of grace from the Fathers heart. I hope that you are blessed by what is written down. I’ll do my best to keep any social commentary filtered through the Father’s heart. Hit me back with a reply. I appreciate the feedback. Blessings to you on your journey with Him.

Peace friends.


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